Expanding Treatment for Infant Sepsis in Kenya.

The Ponya Mtoto project is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), implimented inpartnership with Population Council,KEPRECON and Mount Kenya University (MKU)

PSBI Job Aids & Data Tools

PSBI Management Flowchart for Healthcare Workers

The purpose of the PSBI Management Flowchart is to assist providers assess, classify and treat SYIs or recommend referral.


Data Collection Follow up Tool

Provides basic demographics on infants & caregiver symptoms,classification & treatment given; details of action taken during follow up and outcome measures.

DTA collection tools

Globally, many children and newborns with severe infections have virtually no new treatment options. Additionally, there is a high level of resistance existing antibiotics. Leading to an increased mortality rate for severe infections.

PSBI Healthcare Provider Pamphlet

Provider pamphlet contextualizes facts on what providers should know about communities’ understanding of SYIs. Also provides information to dispel myths and misconceptions on causes of illnesses and to educate the community on how to influence care seeking behavior for the SYIs. Also used by providers to counsel caregivers.


PSBI Caregiver Pamphlet

Caregiver pamphlets provides information on what needs to be known about SYIs aged 0-2 months in terms of signs that tell caregivers a young infant has a serious illness; provides common reasons why young infants fall sick; outlines situations which could worsen the condition of the SYIs and provides guidance on how to keep young infants healthy.