KPA Activities

Current and upcoming conferences and activities

KPA Symposia & Annual Scientific Conferences

KPA organizes for a one day scientific symposia four times in a year for paediatricians and other health care providers who are passionate with children’s well being. Participants are invited from all over the country with attendance ranging from 250-300. A calendar of events with different themes is shared to all members and speakers from Kenya and other countries are invited to update members on best practices.

The KPA Annual Conference is a unique forum that brings together one of the largest gathering of Paediatricians from Kenya and colleagues from the region to deliberate on issues, gain knowledge and share experiences in a variety of areas of the profession. This is the 14th Conference organised by the Association.

The Association also assists other health care institutions to plan for International conferences within the country as the secretariat has the capacity to plan for activities.

Activities to Support Child Health in the Community

Running for Child Survival Event

KPA together with many other generous organizations (IVAC, GSK, Ministries of Health etc) have, over the last four years conducted highly successful child health awareness campaigns in Nairobi. This has been in form of 10 kilometer runs around the suburbs by members of the public. Previous years have explored themes such as Immunization, pneumonia and child health in general. These activities have contributed to the gains Kenya has enjoyed in reducing child deaths over the last 5 years.


World Pneumonia Day Celebration

The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation in Collaboration with Kenya Paediatric Association, KEMRI, KAPTLD and GlaxoSmithKline organizes for World Pneumonia Day in the month of November to raise awareness and promote action towards reducing the burden of pneumonia in Kenya. A Breakfast Meeting is normally held with representatives from the Ministry of Health, WHO, UNICEF, KEMRI, USAID, Journalists and Key Stakeholders in the medical fraternity. Kenya Paediatric Association aims to give a voice to children to improve the Prevention, Management, Control and Eradication of common diseases. The mutual collaboration will help save the lives of thousands of vulnerable Kenyan children and achieve the MDG-4.


Paediatrics in Disaster Project

The Kenya Paediatric Association (KPA) which was established in 1968 is an association which draws its membership from practicing paediatricians, and associate members comprising of researchers, emergency specialists, nurses, medical officers, clinical officers, psychologists, psychiatrists, community healthcare workers, healthcare workers-in-training, and other health professionals interested in working with children. The vision of KPA is: “Providing an optimal healthcare environment for the child”; and its mission is: “To be the guide and leader in comprehensive child healthcare delivery through promotion of best practice in paediatrics training, research, policy formulation and capacity building of members.”