Welcome to the ECSAPACH Early Childhood Development (ECD) Pilot Course

Welcome to the ECSAPACH ECD Pilot Course for Paediatricians and Postgraduation Residents on Positive Parenting and Support.

We apologize for the erroneous details shared earlier hindering your access to the learning portal. We have addressed the hitches and are now fully accessible.

To access the learning portal, use the credentials provided below

·  Link to login: https://www.kenyapaediatric.org/ecd/profile

·  Email = Your Email (The email used to register for this course)

·  Password = @Qwerty321!

Kindly view a video guide on how to navigate the learning portal through by clicking HERE

For further assistance, should you be having challenges interacting with the portal and the course material throughout the duration of the course, kindly get in touch with our technical team through learning@kenyapaediatric.org.

We wish you a wonderful learning experience. All the best!