The Kenya Paediatric Fellowship Program (KPFP) is pleased to announce exciting scholarship opportunities for individuals seeking to advance their careers in paediatrics. These scholarships are available in 15 specialized program areas offered by the following institutions; The University of Nairobi, Moi University, Aga Khan University, Kenyatta National Hospital School of Nursing and Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health & Research as shown below:

Course Specialization level Target Cadre Study Duration Mode of study University of Nairobi Moi University Aga Khan University Gertrude’s Institute of child health
1 Neonatology Post MMed Paediatricians 2 Years Full time x x x
2 Paediatric Haematooncology Post MMed Paediatricians 2 Years Full time x
3 Paediatric Endocrinology Post MMed Paediatricians 2 Years Full time x
4 Paediatric Infectious diseases Post MMed Paediatricians 2 Years Full time x
5 Paediatric Emergency and critical care Post MMed Paediatricians 2 Years Full time x x
6 Paediatric Nephrology Post Mmed Paediatricians 2 Years Full time x
7 Paediatric Pulmonology Post Mmed Paediatricians 2 Years Full time x
8 Paediatric Gastroenterology Post Mmed Paediatricians 2 Years Full time x
9 Paediatric Neurology Post Mmed Paediatricians 2 Years Full time x x
10 Paediatric Cardiology Post MMed paediatricians 2 Years Full time x
11 Paediatric critical care Nursing HND Nurses 18 months Full time x
12 Paediatric Nursing HND Nurses 18 months Full time x
13 Paediatric Oncology Nursing HND Nurses 18 months Full time x
14 Midwifery Degree Nurses 2.5 years Full time x


Target Cadres

The scholarships are reserved for:

  • Paediatricians with M.Med in Paediatrics to sub-specialize in Neonatology, paediatric haemato-oncology, paediatric endocrinology, paediatric infectious diseases, paediatric emergency & critical care, paediatric nephrology, paediatric pulmonology, paediatric gastroenterology, paediatric neurology, paediatric cardiology.
  • Kenya registered nurses to specialize in paediatric critical care nursing, paediatric nursing, paediatric oncology nursing and nursing midwifery.

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates who work in the following areas will be prioritized.

  • County Governments within the Republic of Kenya
  • Facilities with existing staff trained through Kenya Paediatric Fellowship Program
  • Faculty in Public training institutions and Faith-Based organization training institutions
  • Health workers in Faith-Based organizations
  • New-born Essential Technologies (NEST) sites in Kenya will be prioritized for the training of neonatologists and midwives
  • College of Paediatrics sites
  • Staff from the national and county Teaching and Referral Hospitals which host the KPFP Training institutions will be considered
  • The larger Eastern Africa region
  • ELMA supported countries such as (Malawi, Ethiopia  & Rwanda) on condition that the programs are not offered in those countries.

Selection process

Each candidate must go through the following process to be awarded a scholarship:

  • Preauthorization by the employer during the application
  • Shortlisting and interviewing by the training institution.
  • Admission by the training institution
  • Selection by the KPFP scholarships selection committee
  • Release and bonding by the employer as per the public service commission guidelines
  • Enrolment by the training institution

Scholarship package

The scholarship caters for the following during the study period.

  • UON: Tuition Fees, Stipend, Book Allowance, Research Support, Rotational Cost
  • Moi University: Tuition Fees, Stipend, Computer Allowance, Library/Journal Access Fees, Conference Support, Research Support, Publication Support.
  • Aga Khan University: Tuition Fees, Stipend, Conference Support /Workshops attendance, Research Support, Rotational Cost for all cadres and Nursing Council indexing, examination and Registration for midwifery trainees only.
  • Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health & Research: Tuition Fees, Accommodation, Stipend, Transport Stand-alone, Book Allowance, Research Support.

Application portals

To qualify, you will need to apply separately for the training program directly to the institution offering the training. To be awarded a scholarship, you must get an unconditional offer for one of your course choices. To apply for these training programs, interested applicants should visit the respective institutional application portals for detailed information about the training programs. Find the links to the institutional application portals below:

Please note that the scholarships are subject to the availability of funding. In case of any queries, please send an email to

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