Session Chair – Dr. Thomas Ngwiri

Conference Theme: A Life Course Approach to Child Health


Normal growth (ICP model)Dr. Bernardine Lusweti
Growth in puberty  (Normal + abnormal )Dr. Paul Laigong
Practical Session:
a.  Growth Charts infants, > 2 years boys & girls: WHO/CDC; Plotting
b. Measuring scales – weighing, infantometer, stadiometer
c. Orchidometer                                      
Abnormal growth (pathological & non-pathological)Dr. Thomas Ngwiri

Track resolutions:

  • We RECOGNIZE that deviation from a normal growth pattern may be the first manifestation of disease
  • We RECOMMEND Good measurement quality: Frequent, accurate and reliable training performed by trained personnel using the appropriate equipment.
  • We COMMIT to increase knowledge through CMEs to the wider HCP