The Kenya Paediatric Association (KPA) wishes to invite you to its 23rd Annual Scientific Conference, to be held April 25th to 28th, 2023.

Kenya Paediatric Association is a membership organization founded in 1968. KPA’s annual scientific conference offers its members and associates, an opportunity to network and keep abreast with the latest in child healthcare provision. This year we join hands with our sister organization: The International Society for Social Pediatrics (ISSOP), in the conference themed: Climate change and the environment: Understanding the impact on paediatric practice to secure our children’s future”. 

The conference will be held over a four-day period. The pre-conference, the first two days, participants will share the latest research findings in Paediatrics, local morbidity and mortality data trends and hold ISSOP’s annual meeting.  In the main conference speakers, local and international will highlight and tackle aspects of climate change and the environment that affect children and childhood. We hope to create advocacy avenues that will mitigate and reverse the effects of climate change on our children.


Dr. Catherine Mutinda,
Scientific Committee Chair

The annual Kenya Pediatric Association (KPA) Scientific conference is the largest regional gathering of child healthcare providers in East Africa. Global, regional and local delegates come together to share experiences in best practices in the field of pediatrics. This year, in collaboration with our sister association: International Society for Social Pediatrics (ISSOP), the conference will focus on climate change and the environment. The theme of the conference is “Climate Change and the Environment: Understanding the Impact on Pediatric Practice to Secure Our Children’s Future”.

The motto of KPA is to provide an optimal healthcare environment for children. Currently, the United Nations Climate Change Convention (UNCC) recognizes climate change as a child health crisis. Moreover, the 2019 Lancet Countdown, points to the fact that children are among the most vulnerable groups adversely impacted by climate change. Therefore, the organizing committee of the KPA 2023 annual scientific conference, decided for this year’s conference will focus on climate change and the environment. The objectives of the conference are to;

  1. Enlighten child healthcare professionals on the impact of Climate change on their practice
  2. Share best practice initiatives within health service provision/delivery that mitigate and reverse the effects of climate change
  3. Create networks that promote green healthcare

Join us as we confront the existential threats that the climate crisis presents to children and their childhood.